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I specialize in working with people who wish to become more active in intuitive self-care and creativity. They seek to change through learning transformational practices. I provide consultation and teach EFT and other meditative exercises in person, by phone, or Skype. Contact me here. Learn more about EFT here…

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Sunny Side Up: A Young Woman’s Search for Transformation -  Thousands of young people roamed Europe in the 1970s seeking spiritual truth and sustainable alternatives to a culture of growing materialism. In Sunny Side Up, Artist BJ Appelgren describes her yearlong… read more

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Healing Arts Report is a forum for highlighting developments in the intentional shift to a peaceful new world paradigm. Sustainable health in its broadest sense–personal, cultural, and planetary–is the driving force of our evolving continuous education.

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Small Changes Change Your World

A friend told me a story yesterday about changing her attitude. When her children were still young enough to be living at home, she worked two sixteen-hour shifts at a hospital on weekends. This schedule allowed her to be home during the week with her children while her husband was at his job. She described driving home from those long grueling hours looking forward to nothing but the pleasure of being home again, seeing her family, and enjoying the comforts of her own environment. But when she walked in the …read more