Mount the secondary inside the principal coil on a wooden base 16 inches square, supported on four wooden blocks. Place the blocks so they rest flush with the edges in the corners in the board, and drill holes for a great sized bolt to pass by way of each corner in the board for mounting the secondary coil to the base. A piece of copper ribbon is soldered for the inside turn of the key coil, and for the bottom with the secondary, winding, patek philippe replica completing the coil building.

The apparatus is now ready for connecting and operating. patek philippe fake The wires are connected according towards the diagram. For the sake of simplicity the rotating disc is omitted within the diagram in the spark gap. The spark gap motor is of course connected towards the input line through a suitable switch. The wire from the secondary of the low frequency transformer is automotive higher tension wire; that in the condenser really should he special, heavily insulated neon sign cable, as really should that also in the spark gap. GREAT CARE Must be TAKEN NEVER TO TOUCH THE LOW FREQUENCY TRANSFORMER. omega watch replicas The condenser when charged will retain a considerable quantity of electrical energy for days, so it is actually well to "short" the connections for a second (with a properly insulated metal rod) just before touching them. The grounded connections may possibly be of braided ribbon or other heavy uninsulated wire connected to a water pipe. This ground should really be a water pipe, never a gas pipe. Below no circumstances really should the coil be operated unless this ground is established.

The coil is now ready to become set in operation. Clip the wires from the condenser and also the spark gap to convenient turns of your primary with the high frequency transformer, start the spark gap motor, and turn on the power. A loud crackling noise ought to be heard and streamers of fire observed darting from the discharge ball. Vary the number and position of your turns utilized inside the primary of your higher frequency transformer and maybe alter the capacity of the condenser until maximum output is obtained. Be sure that all energy is shut off when these adjustments are made, and discharge the condensers as mentioned above ahead of touching anything metallic.

The main coil is wound with copper or brass ribbon 1-1/2 inches wide within the form of a flat spiral. About 53 feet with the ribbon for the 21-inch outer diameter on the 10-turn spiral winding will be necessary. The principal supports consist of eight pieces of fibre 8-1/2 inches lengthy, 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick. The 4 top pieces have a section reduce away as inside the drawing so as to keep the coil from spreading. Holes are drilled in these pieces, H of an inch in the ends, massive enough to permit the passage of six inch bolts. patek philippe imitation

The major coil is mounted on a wooden base 37 inches in diameter together with the four fibre pieces to support the principal located so that the key will be inside the center with the board. The supports are then bolted towards the base, thus holding the key securely in place.

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